Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday Faves: The things that made me smile this week:

     Its all about the little things in life. It could be anything from a new song I heard on the radio, or a new food I tried. These are the things I'm lovin' this week!

January 31st- 

Fitsugar's Treadmill workout- I love running outside when the weather is nice, especially through trails or even around the city while window shopping, but winter makes that next to impossible. (I'm not crazy enough to run in -15 weather- no thanks!!) So, lately the treadmill has been my only running fix. The problem is, I find the treadmill super boring and I dread doing it, so much that I actually went two weeks without running this winter. For people that know me and how much I love running, that was just crazy. I ended up going to yoga instead, but my body needs both strength and cardio. So, I figured this workout would be the perfect cure to boredom, as it combines hills, endurance and sprints. I tried it out and I was right. It was awesome! It was designed by celebrity trainer, Alycia Stevein and apparently even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are hooked on it. I can see why. It was a great workout and I'll definitely be doing it again and looking for others like it to beat the winter treadmill boredom!

Suki hydrating oil- The winter makes my skin so dry, but I am in love with this oil! I put it on before my make up and sometimes even skip the moisturiser. It is that good! It smells like a spa treatment and costs only 30 dollars for a huge bottle that will probley last me all year. I got it at the place I get my eyebrows done, Honey and Fig, but you can get it online here too:

"Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy" by Helen Fielding- I was excited when I heard there was going to be another Bridget Jones book coming out. The movies go down as some of my favourite chick flicks for sure! Then, I heard the book would take place when she was in her 50's and I wasn't as excited. I decided to give it a chance anyway and the book didn't disappoint. Bridget Jones was still the same crazy girl everyone fell in love with years ago. The book was enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone looking for an easy, mindless read.

Sombre- I've always been kind of scared to do the Ombre trend with my hair. I don't like my hair to be too high maintenance because I only get it done every 3 months. So, when I saw the sombre (subtle ombre) trend on pinterest, I thought it would be perfect for me and I was right. Loving this hair colour!

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