Friday, 24 January 2014

Friday Faves: The things that made me smile this week:

     Its all about the little things in life. It could be anything from a new song I heard on the radio, or a new food I tried. These are the things I'm lovin' this week!

January 24th-

"Namaste" Toque- Sometimes a girl just has to treat herself, so when I saw this "Namaste" toque on instagram, I just had to have it. Lately, yoga has been my new obsession, so I think this hat is quite fitting. Can't wait til mid-Feb when this ships! (They were sold out, so I pre-ordered for February)

Matcha Tea- A couple of weeks ago, I heard about this tea on Dr. Oz and I was curious to try it. It is supposed to boost your metabolism and burn calories. It is loaded with 10 times the antioxidants as a normal green tea because is comes in a powder, instead of tea bag. So, instead of drinking the brewed water, you ingest the whole leaf. It's also a cancer fighter,  is loaded with nutrients, lowers your cholesterol and blood sugar, while calming and relaxing you. Sounds too good to be true! To make it you just take a teaspoon of matcha powder and whisk it with hot, but not boiling water. I picked mine up at David's tea, but you can probley get it at any speciality tea store. I really liked the taste of it and it was even better when I added a little agave nectar. It also gave me a great burst of energy. Bonus: The girl at David's tea told me that if you get bubbles when you whisk, its good luck!

Cupcakes- The last couple of weeks, I have been taking the Wilton course 1- Decorating basics class at Michaels. It has been so much fun and I've learned so much! This week was cupcake week. We learned how to fill them, ice them and create different kinds of flowers for the top. My favourite part was making the leaves. They were hard at first, but once I got the hang of it, I couldn't believe how great they looked!

Jason De Rulo ft. 2 Chains- "Talk Dirty"-  This song makes me wanna dance!

Happy Friday!